Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

“Love expression and Bride Price” among the Heage-Dani, Inland Papua. by Herman Lantang.

This short article was published in the Jakarta Daily Newspaper : SINAR HARAPAN,. Monday June 16.1969 (page III), 
"Pernjataan Tjinta Dan Mas Kawin" a la Lembah Heage, a story from the inland of New Guinea.

Photo 1 and 2 :Nyapele'ma, dance to express his love and passion to his lover at the other side of the river, during the construction of a suspension bridge across the the Baliem river..

Photo 3:” Heselum”, a mating game dance, at the bank of the river at the Baliem Gorge.

Photo 4:Herman Lantang participating in a mating game dance, called-:" Heselum”, seen at the back of the dancing group ( left).- picture. published for the first time.

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