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Planning to Climb The Snow Mountains in New Guniea (1968)

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      When I was in New Guinea, doing my field research in Anthropology among the Dani Tribe in The Baliem Gorge, (1967-1969), most of the letters I received from Soe Hok-gie, my best friend, were already published in the book "Mengenang Seorang Demonstran, dalam rangka memperingati 30 tahun Musibah Semeru” December  1999 by ILUNI FSUI/ ALUMNI MAPALA-UI . I have kept the original letters to Soe Hok-gie because I've  sent him the Carbon Copy only. This is one of my letters mentioning the possibilities of climbing the Snow Mountains in New Guniea by MAPALA-UI, because I did crossed the Nassau Range (Pegunungan Sudirman, which is more than 4000 meter above sea level) on my trip to the Lorentz River (Wusaq River) visiting the Wusagaima Tribe, that settled along the way to the Wilhelmina Top (Puncak Trikora) in 1968. The Expedition was finally conducted by MAPALA-UI early 1972, 3 years after Soe Hok-gie  passed away in Semeru, December 1969.
            I was doing the Total Participation Method in studying the local tribe, it means I live according to their Cultural Values : eat, dressed, talked, and doing their daily activities together (except: joining in their Warfare and taking a bride). I’m quite fluent in their local language : Southern Grand-valley Dani language, Kurima Dialect, and understand some of the Western Dani phrases too. Because they are mostly billingual.

This is the original letter mentioned above (August 17th 1968)

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